7 signs of a repentant abuser

When catching someone out with pornography you can and should expect these 7 signs showing how the betrayed spouse should expect. Not receiving emails for 7 months after a breakup. Total disrespect for boundaries. Total lying piece of donkey shit. They should be willing to take critical feedback. Compulsive compartmentalization and other interesting things you […]

Becoming more active in photography

Getting active in photography. Recently I have been so frustrated. What else is news , so I used my saved photos on my hard drive to help distract me. I joined Gurushots a while ago and recently I joined National Geographic. I just uploaded photos for fun and tried to see how I fare in some contests.

I am surprised at how far I got with so little time invested in photography. Most of my equipment is make do and specials I saw for a bargain. I also recently got a scanner working again by embedding windows XP into my windows 7 operating system using virtualbox. So now I have a 19200 dpi scanner for negatives working again. I also managed to embed my flickr account into this blog. Anyway .. this is how I have fared so far in gurushots. I have managed to reach the rank of veteran.

I also entered some photos in national geographic to see if they’re worth anything and guess what ? ! I’ve received some favorites there by some guys. Just a dreamer is all I am . But it’s good to dream as long as you take some action along the way eh ?

I am still messing about with my scanner … but here’s what I managed to get out of a negative using bad lighting on the scanner and a program called rawtherapee. 


Friends with Robbie Wessels

Today I found out I have known Robbie Wessels for over three years. I asked him his name in church numerous times and always greeted him. I didn’t know who he was. So today we went to the 7th anniversary of our church and my mother told me that he is famous. I said ” Oh ? That’s just Robbie ” . I told him what I had said about him and he laughed . He said ” That’s the way it should be ” … Well at any rate.. At least I have a famous Friend. Meaning of Robbie ? ” English Meaning: The name Robbie is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Robbie is: Abbreviation of Robert ‘Famed; bright; shining.


Visiting a friend

Today while running around doing errands I decided to go see a friend of mine . He had this pigeon since birth and raised it. The sweetest thing. He sits on his head and shoulder and refuses to leave. Benito is an artist who enjoys working with quill pens. He knows how to do various kinds of arts. He is currently working on his portraiture technique. He aims to do a portrait in under 15 minutes before he will be viable economically. I think he’s ok just the way he is but his standard is very high and he demands allot from his work.

Anyway.. it’s pointless running a blog and having nothing to report everyday. I so long to get this vibe going. Bless you for reading.

Try this animation..or this one


Make it your own

Read the word ,

Here’s an idea , instead of going out there and looking for the most expensive bible you can get your hands on , find yourself a cheap 5$ bible. Something that has paper that reminds you of a newspaper. A cheap bible is always replaceable and you can scribble in it and make notes without worrying too much about destroying it’s value. Some of these bibles these days can cost a pretty penny.

So this is what I’ve done.. And I am enjoying it immensely. Every now and then I get a glimpse of who Jesus really is. And that’s important because you become who you behold. And I think Jesus is the coolest guy on the block.

Here is a picture of my bible. It’s one of those you buy on special at christian book shops. If you chip away at it every day you can finish it in a year or so..my goal isn’t to read the bible so I can say I’ve read it. My goal is to find Jesus in the pages and to let Him shine through me.

Renewed my baptism in Christ Jesus

Repent believe and be baptized. Not Be baptized repent and believe.

I once was baptized when I was 26 years old. I was also baptized as a baby. This was the wrong way around to do things. I didn’t accept Jesus as my savior , I put my hand up to be saved but didn’t know that I had to stop striving to be saved and accept that I was saved. This caused many years of confusion and suffering. I figured out that I didn’t need to do anything to be saved and that Jesus did it all for me. So about a year after I was baptized the second time I accepted Jesus’s finished work on the cross. That was 20 years ago.

Today I sealed it with a baptism by being immersed in water. Today I obeyed the word of God. Before I was responding to a guilt trip. Shame on the pastor who preached such hog wash to me before. Now I understand better and was willing to be baptized. I felt like I came home today. I am over the finish line. From now on I walk in total victory. Not that I didn’t walk in His victory before today but I didn’t seal it by obeying the word of God. I am from above , a King in the eyes of God. I am righteous because today I identified with what Jesus did for me on the cross.

It matters not that I preached to you before. What I preached is still valid and I believed and lived it with every fiber of my being. And I stand by the fact that all you need to do is believe. Jesus fulfilled all righteousness for me even being baptized for me. So to those who simply believe, you’re still going to heaven.

I feel so relaxed now. The Kingdom of heaven is within. You too can be saved and your conscience be made clean before God by accepting that Jesus died for your sins and rose again. You don’t need to stress to impress God . Jesus paid for every mistake you’re even going to make. You can be righteous too. Accept His offer of salvation. Forget trying to join clubs or being invited into some kind of fraternity . Step into Christ by receiving what Jesus did for us. He died for you and rose from that death for your justification meaning , you are set free from all guilt. He justified you by coming back from the dead. This means it’s just as if you didn’t sin.

Still Standing

Do you understand that all you have to do is trust what He did ? you don’t have to walk around with a religious mindset wondering if you’re being watched to see what mistakes you’re making or not making. You too can have eternal life by simply trusting what Jesus did for you. You can become a new creation in Christ Jesus.


Yours in His Service


Viewer from Greece

I had a viewer to my blog from Greece today. I think it was my sister. Well at any rate. Here’s the proof .

I found my identity in Christ

So I was thinking , Right , and these days it doesn’t happen too often but yeah , was thinking.

I decided when I was in standard 4 that I wanted to be a doctor. I told my school teacher. Before I could realize it I was called to the principals office and was told that I am too stupid to be a doctor. I remember saying ” I am only 10 ” ..I have my entire school career left to make my marks better. But she insisted that I am too stupid to be a doctor. So I asked her if I could be a dentist and she told me that dentists and doctors study the same things and I am not clever enough for that either.

The reason why I thought I’d make a good doctor was because my marks had improved significantly since I was in standard two. I really thought I could do it. I decided to study harder to make my marks good enough to be a doctor. I could not get into the top 20 of my standard all the time I was in high school. It was devastating to my aspirations to be a doctor.

But here’s the deal. The only reason I studied harder in the first place  ,before I told the teacher I wanted to be a doctor , was because I had shamed my parents by stealing a radio controlled car from a toy store. I was caught and so I decided that I was a bad boy and I needed to study harder to make my parents proud of me. And why had I stolen the toy car ? I believed I wasn’t loved enough by my father and thought I’d steal my own toys seeing as how he never wanted to buy me any. So what I really wanted was my dad’s love. I was working for love. This is what I was doing.

And so …many many years later I remembered the words of Jesus . He said ” whoever wants to save his life will lose it and whoever wants to lose his life will save it. ” And so.. I went to a garden and pondered on these words and I realized what they meant was that I had to let go. And so I did let go. Over the course of the following three days I let go. At the end of the third day I found the biggest love enter into me. I was filled with love and then I realized that there isn’t anything wrong with my life and that I had found who I am in Christ. My new identity is LOVE , I had found my father.

So really , becoming a doctor wasn’t what I was after. I was after what was there all along and I have the perfect identity in Him anyway. We are not called to become doctors , we are called to become Christ.


Prophetic action or literal project ?

I had a massive dream when I started blogging good news. Now I see that perhaps it was just a prophecy of what is to come. I see movies being made of the entire bible so that people won’t have to read it anymore. I thought that the money to create these movies would come from you the people supporting this network. But I see now that it is already in the making and Mel Gibson has the inside track on this.

So perhaps , all this is just a prophetic action of something that is already happening in the Spirit. None the less , it has been a challenge to get this multisite up running. I’d like to have made public the vision through my own face appearing on a youtube video or two but I have a serious headache on the right hand side of my head. It limits my speech and I feel self conscious about it. I pray that God would relieve me of this pain through being able to express myself here and through art.

I wish that all the visions I have received could be manifested on earth like the building of orphanages from support given to this network , where I could film the building of these safe houses so people can trust that their support was stuwarded well . Or perhaps this is just another prophetic word going out. Hospitals too.

I don’t know how to get this ball rolling. I have too much personal anguish that limits me. I risk everything to get this on the ground and I am sorry to admit that my fear is perhaps bigger than my faith. I have a level of faith , that keeps me flying around churches observing people where I keep this vision bottled up inside me. I don’t know if I’ll ever be given the opportunity to let it out , so that people can see the beauty of it.

And I keep attracting women who’s only intent is to use me for their own gain , not to support the vision God has given me. Makes me sick to even think about it. I am so naive . I believe that they’re good people but when I look again they’re just stumbling blocks in my life.

I hope I can at least experience some of the manifestation of this dream in this life time. But to do that I’ll need a whole new way to receive and manage funding for this project. It’s complicated and I am in much danger.

Can these dry bones live ? Perhaps in Christ only. Any other way it won’t work. I always wonder about the how to make something work. I just wish I could get it all to work.

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