Hopelessness vs Hope

I remember a while ago , I said ” Hopelessness vs hope ” Bring on the challenge. And so it happened.

My dad died after overcoming blindness. And now my mother wants to commit suicide every other day. It’s a mission just to keep her alive. I can’t believe this is my mother. I wonder what God is trying to teach me here and don’t tell me that I challenged the devil and I shouldn’t . We’ve already overcome the world in Christ Jesus. There is nothing to do in the face of evil except to remain in the secret place of His victory. The devil is defeated. He doesn’t have a right in my life. And no.. don’t come and tell me about legal rights etc etc. People try to complicate life too much. 

I managed to work through some issues I’ve had with two of my PC’s . Installing a liquid cooler in the one and upgrading it’s case and installing a graphics card in the other and a CPU fan. But guess what ? I am still up and running. Praise God for his continued faithfulness.

At some point the prophetic words that were spoken over my life will manifest and I’ll savor every moment of it. While my ex boss and people who’ve hurt me stand in awe because they totally misjudged me. I was never malicious , I was just principled and you didn’t get me. It’s sad to be on the receiving end of people’s bad natures but the wheel does turn. And then I am gonna show mercy because Jesus showed me mercy . I will win you into the Christ through Christ. I have a living Hope. He is ever with me. Amen.

Recently I have been watching historical movies of Alexander the great , napoleon and the shroud of Turin. We are truly blessed to have free access to such good quality documentaries. The shroud of Turin really blessed me and re-inforced my faith in Jesus Christ. Hope restored.

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Life Challenge

Life is a challenge ,

We sometimes think we know it all but really we don’t. We can make a choice to live this life or move on to the next one. No body is forced to stay here. If you know of someone who is alive now that you should be loving , reach out to them regardless of how you feel . The opportunity may pass and then it’s too late. Because let’s face it , when someone dies you don’t know they’re listening. Tell them now when it counts. 

If you can’t chose to live at least don’t chose to die. Just focus on Jesus , He trusted God. Don’t give up. Don’t think life is all negative and not worth living. Be a human being , Just Be .

We all have people in our lives that forget about us. People drift in and out of our lives. If someone hurt you , forget about them . Most of the hurts we’ve experienced have been because we’re too sensitive. Our attitude was wrong. We must first seek to understand and then to be understood. Don’t think that people will understand you all the time. Just try and understand them.

I wish I could reach down into everyone’s heart and apply some healing balm. So much nastiness in this world. So much selfishness. People are so worried about the future that they’ve forgotten about the present. Live here, live now. Don’t think it’s going to be better only if this happens or that happens. You’ll miss it.

I am so weary and tired but I know somewhere in the future I look much better than I look right now. Blessed are the poor in Spirit. For theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. We don’t have to have the best attitude out there. We only need to be ourselves , God loves us just as we are. Please accept His invitation and Trust Him. And don’t let anyone misrepresent Him to you. Don’t think that people who’ve been going to church for 1011 years know any better than you do. Sometimes they know nothing.

Open your heart today to His forgiveness and Love. Why should I be forgiven you say ? Because you’ve been focused on how little God loves you. Stop today . This day , make a fresh start. Believe. You’ve been challenged with the life you’ve been given. Live it, embrace it , and present to us the best version you can possibly be. We need you.

There are things that only you can do , that no one else can . We have been tasked with the little things and the great things. But don’t underestimate the power of the little things. A little thing can change someone’s life forever. Just a simple smile can change a person’s life . I know you’ve heard this before. I was once in the dumps for months until a man at a movie theater smiled at me when he saw me. That lifted me and sustained me.

Look at the Sun , and know that you’re casting a good shadow. Don’t work on your shadow and forget the sun.

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God’s joy

I woke up one morning and felt like I had a flue and was, as you can imagine, feeling weak and struggling to focus. I went to work and I was asked to help someone carry a table; and as I did, I felt this pain in my lower back. I don’t know why I felt pain but it was there and it was bothering me so much that I asked if I could go home earlier, but they didn’t allow it for different reasons. I was told to take a chaire to sit on and do my work. At first it seemed unfair to me that I had to continue working, so I prayed; but something happened after I asked God to take the pain away. I experienced His joy while at work but still having the pain. With His joy I was helping customers and was able to think straight and assisted how ever I could; it was as if the pain wasn’t there anymore. That was when I realized the fact that God is all that you need, when God is all that you have. Hallelujah!