Prophetic action or literal project ?

I had a massive dream when I started blogging good news. Now I see that perhaps it was just a prophecy of what is to come. I see movies being made of the entire bible so that people won’t have to read it anymore. I thought that the money to create these movies would come from you the people supporting this network. But I see now that it is already in the making and Mel Gibson has the inside track on this.

So perhaps , all this is just a prophetic action of something that is already happening in the Spirit. None the less , it has been a challenge to get this multisite up running. I’d like to have made public the vision through my own face appearing on a youtube video or two but I have a serious headache on the right hand side of my head. It limits my speech and I feel self conscious about it. I pray that God would relieve me of this pain through being able to express myself here and through art.

I wish that all the visions I have received could be manifested on earth like the building of orphanages from support given to this network , where I could film the building of these safe houses so people can trust that their support was stuwarded well . Or perhaps this is just another prophetic word going out. Hospitals too.

I don’t know how to get this ball rolling. I have too much personal anguish that limits me. I risk everything to get this on the ground and I am sorry to admit that my fear is perhaps bigger than my faith. I have a level of faith , that keeps me flying around churches observing people where I keep this vision bottled up inside me. I don’t know if I’ll ever be given the opportunity to let it out , so that people can see the beauty of it.

And I keep attracting women who’s only intent is to use me for their own gain , not to support the vision God has given me. Makes me sick to even think about it. I am so naive . I believe that they’re good people but when I look again they’re just stumbling blocks in my life.

I hope I can at least experience some of the manifestation of this dream in this life time. But to do that I’ll need a whole new way to receive and manage funding for this project. It’s complicated and I am in much danger.

Can these dry bones live ? Perhaps in Christ only. Any other way it won’t work. I always wonder about the how to make something work. I just wish I could get it all to work.

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