Renewed my baptism in Christ Jesus

Repent believe and be baptized. Not Be baptized repent and believe.

I once was baptized when I was 26 years old. I was also baptized as a baby. This was the wrong way around to do things. I didn’t accept Jesus as my savior , I put my hand up to be saved but didn’t know that I had to stop striving to be saved and accept that I was saved. This caused many years of confusion and suffering. I figured out that I didn’t need to do anything to be saved and that Jesus did it all for me. So about a year after I was baptized the second time I accepted Jesus’s finished work on the cross. That was 20 years ago.

Today I sealed it with a baptism by being immersed in water. Today I obeyed the word of God. Before I was responding to a guilt trip. Shame on the pastor who preached such hog wash to me before. Now I understand better and was willing to be baptized. I felt like I came home today. I am over the finish line. From now on I walk in total victory. Not that I didn’t walk in His victory before today but I didn’t seal it by obeying the word of God. I am from above , a King in the eyes of God. I am righteous because today I identified with what Jesus did for me on the cross.

It matters not that I preached to you before. What I preached is still valid and I believed and lived it with every fiber of my being. And I stand by the fact that all you need to do is believe. Jesus fulfilled all righteousness for me even being baptized for me. So to those who simply believe, you’re still going to heaven.

I feel so relaxed now. The Kingdom of heaven is within. You too can be saved and your conscience be made clean before God by accepting that Jesus died for your sins and rose again. You don’t need to stress to impress God . Jesus paid for every mistake you’re even going to make. You can be righteous too. Accept His offer of salvation. Forget trying to join clubs or being invited into some kind of fraternity . Step into Christ by receiving what Jesus did for us. He died for you and rose from that death for your justification meaning , you are set free from all guilt. He justified you by coming back from the dead. This means it’s just as if you didn’t sin.

Still Standing

Do you understand that all you have to do is trust what He did ? you don’t have to walk around with a religious mindset wondering if you’re being watched to see what mistakes you’re making or not making. You too can have eternal life by simply trusting what Jesus did for you. You can become a new creation in Christ Jesus.


Yours in His Service



There is a word I stumbled on , that I usually just read over but don’t pay much attention to. That word is prudence. Prudence according to collins dictionary  is :


(prdənt  )


Someone who is prudent is sensible and careful.
It is always prudent to start any exercise programme gradually at first.
Being a prudent and cautious person, you realise that the problem must be resolved.

prudently  adverb [usually ADVERB with verb]

I believe it is essential that we act prudently.
Prudently, Joanna spoke none of this aloud.

So showing care and thought for the future is to be prudent

noun: prudence; plural noun: prudences
the quality of being prudent; cautiousness.
“we need to exercise prudence in such important matters”
synonyms: wisdom, judgement, good judgement, judiciousness, sagacity, shrewdness, advisability, common sense, sense More
antonyms: folly, recklessness

The interesting thing about the use of the word prudence is that it’s use has declined throughout the last two hundred years.

I was reading proverbs 7 and 8 and discovered ” I prudence dwell with wisdom ” .

Proverbs 8:12 King James Version (KJV)

12 I wisdom dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions.

Isn’t it interesting ? I used to say , ” I am slow , thoughtful and circumspect ” . And I prided myself on it. But lately , with all the internet convenience and rush to see that latest post by so and so..I’ve progressively become less and less prudent. I think the whole reason why there is a decline in moral values is because people are less and less prudent. They act without thinking of the consequences of their actions. We surely must take heed to the trend. We need wisdom now more than ever.

And good wisdom is always used in conjunction with prudence.  We need to fear the consequence of our actions enough to be prudent. Now I am not saying that you all are not prudent. I think that you’re all great people. But isn’t it time we stood back long enough to see ourselves in the mirror and acknowledge who we see standing there ? ”  And make that change ? ” – to quote Michael Jackson.

Being around negativity

Have you ever had someone around you that’s so negative that there wouldn’t be anyone in the world who would willingly want to live with them ?

I have such a person in my life. Around every turn they want to give up. They start at the crack of dawn and don’t stop till it’s evening. I have really had my hands full with this non sense . I went forward for prayer yesterday just to be able to say that I’ve at least tried this as well . I can’t anymore. This is just the place where God wants me. He wants me to be in a place where I realize that I can’t anymore without His help. 

I rely on him every day for that extra inspiration or little something that would make it possible for this person to be helped along in life. And it’s true. Without God I can do nothing. I can’t inspire anyone even myself. I am extending my sympathies to those who have experienced something similar. If there is anyone out there who has experienced something similar please accept my prayer for you.

And my prayer for you is this :

Lord Grant those who read this the peace to endure what they need to ,

The ability to encourage where they can ,

The wisdom to know how to handle those in their lives who are like this ,

And your special anointing to bring healing in body mind and spirit.