Visiting a friend

Today while running around doing errands I decided to go see a friend of mine . He had this pigeon since birth and raised it. The sweetest thing. He sits on his head and shoulder and refuses to leave. Benito is an artist who enjoys working with quill pens. He knows how to do various kinds of arts. He is currently working on his portraiture technique. He aims to do a portrait in under 15 minutes before he will be viable economically. I think he’s ok just the way he is but his standard is very high and he demands allot from his work.

Anyway.. it’s pointless running a blog and having nothing to report everyday. I so long to get this vibe going. Bless you for reading.

Try this animation..or this one


Make it your own

Read the word ,

Here’s an idea , instead of going out there and looking for the most expensive bible you can get your hands on , find yourself a cheap 5$ bible. Something that has paper that reminds you of a newspaper. A cheap bible is always replaceable and you can scribble in it and make notes without worrying too much about destroying it’s value. Some of these bibles these days can cost a pretty penny.

So this is what I’ve done.. And I am enjoying it immensely. Every now and then I get a glimpse of who Jesus really is. And that’s important because you become who you behold. And I think Jesus is the coolest guy on the block.

Here is a picture of my bible. It’s one of those you buy on special at christian book shops. If you chip away at it every day you can finish it in a year or goal isn’t to read the bible so I can say I’ve read it. My goal is to find Jesus in the pages and to let Him shine through me.